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Our Founder Mr. Silvio Sicoli

Successful business is a combination of hard work, creative thinking and most importantly, strong partnerships.  My business partner, Gino Melatti Jr., owner and Director of Business Development for Melatti Construction, is innovative, fearless, unrelentless individual and a good old-fashioned shoulder to the ground hard worker.

Gino’s experience in real estate as well as his resources in construction bring an important element to Epik Collection

Combined with my 30+ years of experience in hospitality, these capabilities give us the solid basis needed to succeed.

But we do not do it alone….

We build and support strong teams, and those teams bring to life our vision of business.

Generosity and respect are the basis of this vision and are the virtues on which we take our decisions.

Pride in what we do and who we are is the foundation that allows us to not only grow, but grow stronger.

Our Executive Team

Daniel Gallant

Vice President

Épik Collection

Marc-Éric Fortin

Chief Financial Officer

Épik Collection

Paul Ielovcich

Director Performance Management

Épik Collection


Anne-Marie Massicotte

Director of Operations

Épik Collection

Marie-Ève Lechasseur

Director Human Ressources

Épik Collection

Micah Lockhart

Artistic Director

Épik Collection

Olena Zamkova

Director of Innovation

Épik Collection

Chantal Mathieu


Épik Collection

The best location with the warmest welcomes.

Hotel Bonaparte

Conquering excellence

Traveling should be more than just “going somewhere”.

Traveling should be about discovering new worlds, both past and present.  Discovering the past allows us to discover ourselves.

Hotel Bonaparte reminds us that the passing of time is inevitable, and that every moment is precious.  Allow us to give you a break from today’s fast paced world and take you back to an era where we took time to take care of the smallest of details and to live every moment to the fullest.

Hotel Bonaparte offers an experience firmly inspired by the past, but with a contemporary twist.

We will make sure that the beginning, the end, and every moment in between is memorable.

It’s What We Do

Hotel Epik

The first, the original

The first, the original, and the inspiration behind all our small venues.

Sometimes, you need more than just a hotel room to assure the success of your travels.

Discover the essence of hospitality with our talented and engaging associates who partner with you in order to make your next stay in Montreal authentic and memorable.

With just 10 beautifully appointed rooms and suites, we have all the time in the world to accommodate your every need and help you discover the best our city has to offer.

Our cozy guestrooms and suites feature original stonework and large windows that open onto St-Paul Street or Old Montreal’s iconic architecture.

Located in the epicenter of Old Montreal next to reputable art galleries, eclectic shops and world class dining, Epik Montreal is just steps away from historic sites, shopping, vibrant nightlife, arts and entertainment and festivals galore.

There is no greater celebration in life than a gathering of friends around a dinner table.

Restaurant Epik

A taste of Italy in the Old Port

Italy has inspired the world in so many ways. But it’s the passions and flavors of Italy that stay in our collective imagination.

The simplicity of fresh and savoury recipes that are passed down through generations creating memorable moments with friends and family resonates in our souls.

Eating “Italian Style” is more than merely eating. When one sits down at an Italian table, time is taken to savour each course, to enjoy those sharing your meal, and to relax after a busy day.

Italians share a passion for food, which is probably why life in Italy has always revolved around the kitchen. At Epik, the kitchen is at the heart of the dining area. Experience our Chef’s performance and witness the art and love of cooking up close and personal, or chose a more private table to better enjoy each other.

Either way, you will experience the epic tastes and textures of classic food inspired by Italy.

Enjoy an epicurean experience at Restaurant Épik and live life as it should be lived …

Restaurant Bonaparte

Classic and very French

Very few restaurants stand the test of time.
Not only has Restaurant Bonaparte been serving “classic French cuisine” for over 30 years, but the restaurant is busier now than it’s ever been.

Imagine a stream of soft light focused on a single orchid, set on a white tablecloth…
Experience romantic ambiance for an intimate dinner…
Enjoy contemporary décor within historic stone walls…
Savor exquisite cuisine, prepared with French savoir-faire and showcasing the finest fresh regional products.

All of this as well as consistency in food quality and service excellence has put us on top and kept us there.

Hotel Bonaparte

Restaurant Bonaparte

Restaurant Épik

Hotel Épik

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